Bad & Boujee

“rain drop, drop top”….can i just say I COMPLETELY agree with Donald Glover by saying that Migo’s Bad & Boujee is the BEST song ever. I listen to that song at least 10 times a day. I literally do feel like a bad bitch after that song. Which brings me to this UH-MAZING Trina Turk dress that I wear weekly, because I also feel like a bad bitch every time I wear it.

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Classic Wo(man)

On new years eve, I went to brunch with Nicole & Chris at Reservoir in Palm Springs. It was a nice way to start to close of 2k16. Earlier in the year when we went to Joshua Tree for Nicole’s birthday, I bought these awesome vintage timberland boots. Right after the trip I tried to wear them and the sole came apart. *insert laughing emoji*

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Motivation Monday: New Year, Who Dis? 

Happy New Year!! It’s crazy how fast 2016 went by, but i’m so ready for a new slate for this year. Which brings to me to my first MM for 2k17…

You have a fresh start and look at the past in your rear view mirror while you work towards new aspirations! #getshitdone

So as I look at these photos from last year, i’m very excited to see what this year brings me. 

Motivation Monday: Zsa Zsa Style

With the passing of Zsa Zsa Gabor, I will leave this quote ladies for motivation Monday:

 I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.


Tuh! Getting your money ladies. 🙂




My Holiday Wishlist

Happy Holidays guys! It’s that time of year…my holiday wishlist!! This year is all about things that are NEEDS (with a few wants). I have all the links below to everything on my wishlist. And to anyone who knows me personally…feel free to ship me anything you want from this list… 🙂

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The Trapped Fashionista Podcast: Resolutions… or nah?

This week’s podcast is all about new year’s resolutions. I speak on my thoughts on new year’s resolutions and if they are a great and productive way to start the year or just useless. Take a listen and comment with your thoughts!

My Joann’s Haul/Gift Guide

Hey guys…long time, no see! I KNOW, but guess what? I have a new youtube video up! Just in time for the holidays I have a gifiting guide from Joann’s up! I have a new LOVE for Teresa Collins Designs and you will see why in the video…


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Politics as usual

I seriously thought I’d be posting this look with a joke about Hillary, but nope. Our country is offically fucked, but enjoy my cute outfit to brighten your day! 🙂 #weallneedtomove #ifyouvotedfortrumpdonttalktome #obama4moreyears

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Monday Motivation: The PODCAST!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday.

This Motivation Monday is very exciting because i’m starting a new venture…a podcast! Yes, you read that right. I feel my readers/internet buddies know all about my fashion life, but it’s time you guys really get to know me. So here we go…The Trapped Fashionista Podcast. I recorded this episode yesterday morning and I’m getting a hang of recording myself so sorry for the sound quality and the fact that I sound very manly.

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