Sundays seem to be “family day” in my house. So today we went to our favorite spot, Midtown Bowl, for a good game of bowling.
Now I love that they haven’t gave the outside a face lift, because it’s so 60s. I want to be dressed in petal pushers and a little cardigan with a scarf around my neck. LOL.

My family is very competitive with sports, as you can see we all have our bowling form down:

I wasn’t bowling my best game today so I tried to use every bowling ball thinking that would help…

My sister brandy stopped for a little photo shoot mid game. . .

So did my mom…

(Check out my little brother in the back. LOL)

My game still wasn’t going well, so I was giving someone major side eye. LOL.
The food is sooooo good at this bowling alley. We always joke that were going to come just for the food and leave one day.
My little brother, fat fat, was definitely enjoying himself today.

Peep the dope bowling shoes.
Always have to stay a fashionista, even when bowling! (:

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