A Night Out. . .
Sunday night, my family we set out to have a lovely family dinner. Who knew it would turn into a

Our first stop was P.F. Changs. . .

Well it was a 45 minute wait there.. So our next spot was Houstons.
Here i am outside of Houstons…

Look at that cutie!
Here are my sisters, Brittyn & Brieonni, with my mom and brother.

Houstons told us that they would have to split us into 2 tables, because they now have a “rule” to sit only 7 to a table. Which is ridiculous, because we came as a family so why would we want to be split up??? That was the end of houstons..
Finally, we ended up at The Cheesecake Factory. . .
Here’s a cool pic of all the kids and my dad while we waited for our table…

Here are pics of the cuff links I bought for my dad for father’s day… They are the “Bull and Bear”, which represent the stock market. He loves them! (:

Here are Brieonni and Brittyn..
Me and Bryce…
My wonderful parents…
My dad and fat fat..
Outside with my takeout bag…

Overall, It was an action packed night.
Always a good time when my family is involved!!

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