A couple of weeks ago I put a post up about rapper, Serene. Now his first mixtape, What We Dream For, is out to download. Now you guys know I only post music that I would listen to myself, so just know this mixtape is worth the listen.

Here’s the tracklist for the mixtape: (My fav’s will be in red.)
  1. Intro (Wake Up)
  2. I Need A Dolla
  3. Bull—–
  4. Don’t Say Shit (Ahhhh)
  5. Dedication ft. Jacobi Red
  6. Glassworks
  7. Rainy Days
  8. For the kids
  9. Good Days
  10. Kansas City
  11. Nobody ft. Ya Boi Kodak
  12. For Whom Will You Root? ft. ILLogical
  13. Outro (All A Dream)

Overall, It’s a great mixtape. So many of these tracks will become classics in my book. “Nobody”, “For Whom Will You Root?”, and “Good Days” are definitely on repeat.

Can’t wait to hear more from Serene! Enjoy. Here’s the link:

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