While at the “Sartorialist” event, It seemed as though all of SCAD’s fashionista’s come out in their Sunday Best with the hopes that Scott would snap a picture of them… I’m not sure if he even took pictures of anyone at SCAD. At least we all looked good, right?
We were all definitely #FANCY!!
Here are a few of the ladies I got a picture of while I was there…

This lovely lady is Andra.. I had the luxury of sitting next to her during the event. She was really sweet and even asked to snap a picture of my look.. 🙂

I hope to see her around campus more often.

I chose these three ladies, because all of their looks were simple chic and great transitional looks… flats in the day and heels at night.
I loved her look… that vest was most definitely giving me life!! She was so cute and full of personality.

I was loving her preppy look for the day.. I’m pretty sure I’ve met her before on campus, I just can’t remember where and when. Well she is part of, from what she told me they are a blog that showcases fashion from various colleges. I hope to do a project with them soon!
These two ladies style was so unique that I couldn’t resist taking a picture. The girl on the right was so giving it to me with her dress and jacket to match.. I am NOT one for matching pieces, but for this look it’s definitely a MUST!
Overall, I met some beautiful fashion lovers at SCAD and got a chance to meet “Sartorialist”.

**Anyone who’s picture I took on this post… please feel free to take the picture and I would love to stay in contact with you all!**

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