The Sartorialist

One thing I absolutely love about SCAD is that we always have events to connect with our fellow students and guests. This school is THE school for networking… you just have to utilize these opportunities to the fullest. Today street bloggers , Scott Schulman & Garance Dore, of the street fashion blog The Sartorialist came to SCAD for a discussion/ Q&A about blogging. The discussion was amazing. There were so many great points made through out the whole session. One thing I will repeat is to always be SINCERE… If your not really living the high life, don’t come on your blog and act out another life, BE WHOEVER YOU ARE. (I don’t know why I keep putting everything in caps tonight… lol)

Enough of that…
I got the chance to shake hands with Scott and take a quick picture with him.
Oh, And see that bag in his hand?? … Well I gave him one of my Katholic Kouture shirts!! I was so happy he was glad to accept my gift.
Overall a great experience that has motivated me with “The Trapped Fashionista”. 🙂

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