BeDazzled. . .
Now typical when you here that word you think of this…

…or this.

On Friday, I got a call from my manager saying to wear JEANS tomorrow, because we were having a “BeDazzle-Your-Jeans” Event… I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I was just happy to be wearing jeans to work.

When I arrived at work, I walked in to see this lovely table set up for us to BeDazzle… little did I know this would be one of the funniest day at my job.

See.. I’m working hard… or am I hardly working…? LOL.
The first thing I did was BeDazzle my bowtie…
This little iron attracted so much attention from our customers because it’s so cute and tiny. I want one!!
In my downtime, I BeDazzled some of our tester items.. This infant shirt being one of them.

It’s not perfect, but many customers asked where they could locate that shirt in the store.. thanks to me! 🙂
My manager brought her daughter in to enjoy our event. She BeDazzled some of her headbands.. they all came out very cute.
Also, another employee decided to come up and BeDazzle her lunchbox.

Here’s how her lunchbox ended up.

Overall, It was a successful day at work and great event. I realized BeDazzling can be fashionable and isn’t only for grandmothers in Texas..

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