CoCo && Breezy

This morning as I awaited for my flight 6 am flight back to Atlanta, I checked my twitter and saw @cocoandbreezy saying that they were going on an early morning flight. I instantly thought it would be crazy if they were at LaGuardia… about 5 minutes later they walked by. I waited about a couple of minutes & went over to speak to them. I had to contemplate if I wanted to go over being that I was wearing an demin shirt & gray leggings… not exactly the cutest thing ever. EEEEEEK!!
Once we started talking they let me know that they were headed back to Minnesota to visit their family. This was their first time back home in MONTHS. I can’t even image not seeing my family for months. They were super sweet and we engaged in conversation until they had to get on the flight. It was the greatest pleasure to meet them & they really motivated me to always stay on my grind.
At the end of the post is a great interview w/ them that pretty much sums up a biography, in case you want more info. Check out their website:
Thanks so much CoCo & Breezy!! đŸ™‚
Here are some pics of CoCo & Breezy:

**Photos Courtesy of: I don’t remember

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