Homecoming 2010
Last weekend my sisters decided to let everyone know they were going to the homecoming dance. So on Tuesday, we embarked on an adventure to find them last minute dresses.
Our first stop was Macy’s. . .

Here they are before we left. . .
On the way in we saw this fabulous Ralph Lauren display… I want the plaid money bag!!
Here’s the first dress my sister bryce tried on… this was my favorite.
Here’s a snippet of another dress she tried on… ehhh!

Here’s one my sister brandy tried on, it was cute.
This one was the winner to me. So sexy, but still cute.
On the way to look for shoes, the Fendi store was having a little event & had a piano player. As you can see below, he had wonder woman cuffs on his arms and had on sneakers. He was VERRRYYYY different.
Next we hit Wet Seal to look at heels.
Here they are in heels.
Them attempting to walk was so funny I had to record my sister Brandy walking. . .
Overall, it was a fun night picking out their outfits.
Here’s how they looked before they left:
So beautiful! 🙂

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