(Early) Happy Halloween!!!
So today my family decided to take our usual LAST minute trip to Party City for costumes. Were sooo smart we came at rush hour with all the soccer moms & confused dads. ugh!
While I waited for them to pick out their costumes. I went down the “accessories” aisle to assemble my costume. I’m going to be a doctor/nurse.. whichever I feel like that day. While grabbing my stethoscope, I stumbled across this. . .

1. Home Girl?? Who still uses this term?

2. I didn’t open the bag, but I’m intrigued to know if the wig comes with the slicked sides & edges or just the curly semi mohawk?
3. Is this racist?
4. Why does she have dangling nameplate earrings??
As we were getting ready to check out, I used my family members for a mini photo shoot in the hat section. . .

Oh. . . and today I took the lazy route & I’m going with the cute “lumberjackette” look.
“lumberjackette:… I thought was cute! hahahaha
**Sorry if the photos are a gritty, they were taken on my phone.**

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