I went to the circus for school….

Well I went to “circus training” for my SPEECH class.. odd, i know! I will explain later.
First off, I have to take a pic in every outfit I wear so I had to take quick picture before I left. I was trying to keep it workout appropriate, but still cute.

When I got there they split everyone into groups of four, my group started at the balance station.

From the words of the great Janelle Monae:

“Cause baby whether you’re high or low
Whether you’re high or low
You gotta tip on the tightrope”

I had to bring back those skateboard skills from sixth grade when I wanted to be Avril Lavigne.. lol
These are two of my classmates Rachel & Marcus.

Rachel ended up in the same group with me in the trapeze portion. She acted like she was new to this. . .
But she was a natural!
Then it was my turn. . . I was so nervous when I got to the bar
But it all came natural to me… lol
That was our finale move.. it was a mini workout. I was sweating when I got off. I had a 10 min conversation with the instructor (the girl in all the pics… who’s been doing this since she was 4!!) about their workout classes. I told my mom we were going to one of their classes ASAP!

The instructor who was over the balance station showed us his specialty… this was stretching for him… WOW! He was so good!
So your probably still asking why would we go to the circus for a speech class?? My teachers whole motto was that if we can get over the fear of circus training, we can get over the fear of giving a speech in front of our classmates.

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