Bryce’s Birthday Pt. 2
To continue from my last post.. On Tuesday it was Bryce’s birthday and we did it up right!

After I got out of my Color Theory class, Me and my parents had an hour to get the last few items to prep for Bryce’s birthday. Our first stop was Target, to get her a tennis racket… but we got a little distracted on the way…
OMGG!! This is the cutest thing ever in the world! It’s a little cupcake maker.
(This is the inside.) It makes 6 cupcakes in 10 minutes. It’s perfect for Bryce since she is our little pastry chef in the house!

There was also a donut maker… just as cute and practical.

See all fashionistas who aren’t chefs, but want to learn how to cook. There are opens for you too!! LOL.
Catch part 3 later on to see how her birthday went. . .

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