So to end off Bryce’s birthday, we went to the restaurant STRIP to celebrate her birthday.

Here are my mom, Bryce, & my sister Brandy…. so gorgeous.
All of the kiddies at dinner.
My gorgeous parents.
So Bryce has been wanting nice glass pens FOREVER now and so my mom finally got them for her. It was a good surprise.
Now being that it’s me.. you know we had to have a photo shoot in there. Well until my sister Brittyn tried to invade our picture. There is nothing, but SHADE in this picture.
We went through about 4 attempts to take a decent picture, we were laughing in this one… it came out pretty nice.
So that I decided to take it back rocking my mom’s old Dior bad circa 2001.. I believe.
My full look is a sweater from the boys department at target with my black bandage skirt from nordstrom w/ black boots from wet seal… oowwweeee fashionista on a budget!!

Finally here’s a snap shot of my beautiful family.
Once again a wonderful birthday in the Johnson household!!
Oh!! Bryce is getting use to wearing heels, but here’s a funny video from that night…

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