The start to christmas shopping…
So last Saturday my mom and I went to the buckhead Nordstrom Rack to start holiday shopping..

As you can see we had a horrible time finding anything..
Our friend Casey also came and was focused on the shoe department.. These were some killer boots she tried on.
Here’s my mom in some black clogs (that we purchased!!) Super cute. I wore them recently.. super comfy and look great. We got them for about $60.00. Nice steal.
I REEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY wanted this betsey johnson bag that was on sale for $74, but I had to choose between this and some vera wang boots that I also wanted.. :/

I chose the boots!! I got them best steal.. So boots were originally $550, but at the rack there $199… AMAZING!!! 🙂
I also got this BCBG sweater for $60.. very cute & comfy for the winter. It also came in black.

Overall, great day of shopping. Now have any of you starting your holiday shopping??

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