Goodwill & Photoshoots. . .
Last week, My friend Julie came over for a little goodwill shopping. Then, we decided to do a little “photo shoot” with her.

At Goodwill, we found this lamaze type fabric blazer. When I saw this I knew this was perfect for Julie & she purchased it!
Yeah, this skirt was just so short we had to document it.

After Goodwill, we went to a nearby beauty supply to find wigs for her “photo shoot”. Now we doing two looks: the first was a Ghetto look…
This isn’t the wig we chose, but we had to take a picture of her in the wig! LOL.
Her other look, was a Geisha look… Julie has A LOT of hair. So we found this short bob wig that went with the look we were going for.
We had a fun time with Julie that day & my mom got some great shots for her photography. Hopefully I can release some of the photos soon!

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