The Fashionista Splurge: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
In August I was looking for shoes for my trip to California and came across these (look below) Jeffrey Campbell Wedges. Being that I own just about every type of oxford, these were the perfect addition to my collection. After purchasing my wedges, I became OBSESSED with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Below are some other Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I loved… well I loved them all, but I just had to pick a few. Now all the shoes I show below are below $300, which isn’t terrible. Like I said It’s the FASHIONISTA SPLURGE! 🙂

Upon visiting the Jeffrey Campbell website, I learned that it’s a family owned (keep that $$$ in the fam!) business. Another point that they made that I believe is that,

Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU. “

I totally can contest to that, because my wedges are made for a working girl… I can run a marathon, play basketball, everything in them and their still cute. The best of both worlds!!

All of the shoes seen above can be purchased at Karmaloop!

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