Christmas Eve & Christmas 2010
This year for Christmas my friends Julie & Ronald spent both days at our house. So once Julie & I got off work… We started the festivities!

We don’t do Christmas Trees,so here are our decorations!
Here are all the kids (excluding my brother, Fat Fat) with Julie & Ronald. We have our family tradition of doing a gingerbread house contest on Christmas Eve. Since we had more guests, we made Gingerbread Villages in teams.
Me, Julie, & Ronald were Team iRON… like the show iCarly! LOL.

We were extremely focused, as you can see. I think Ronald was focused on something else… LOL.

We ended up smashing the houses, but here are a few pictures my sisters house..
They ended up winning, even though my mom was helping them!! It’s alright, were going to get the title next year!!
After the gingerbread contest, everyone opened a present! Always exciting.. I waited until Christmas to open my presents.
On Christmas, we all woke up around 9 and everyone was ready to open presents.. now if you remember I put up my “Christmas List” for this year. I never expected to get anything… and got pretty much everything!
Ronald bought me :
1. The Hello Kitty Sewing Machine
2. The NYC Skyline Pillow Cases
3. The Jewelry Hook
Now my parents bought me fashion magazines….
… and a $50 Giftcard to Goodwill!! I’m so excited about everything I got. AHHH, Now you guys know I LOVE Goodwill. So I will be making a trip this week to Goodwill.
Like I was saying, I was in total shock about everything I got because I wasn’t expecting anything. I’m extremely grateful for what I received and all the people in my life!
No matter what you celebrate, I hope everyone had a great holiday season with their loved ones! 🙂

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