Another day, Another trip to goodwill….
So as many of you that follow my blog know, I LOVE Goodwill. My parents gave me a $50 giftcard to Goodwill for Christmas, so on this past Wednesday we made 2 trips to Goodwill..
The first one we visited was a HUGE one that I assumed would be filled with treasures, but it wasn’t! :/
I brought my sisters Brandy & Bryce along and they found some goodies.
My sister Brandy found both of these little jackets… no comment! LOL.

I had to show the pattern on this one… what’s sad is that someone wore this somewhere… Thank God she didn’t buy this one!

I also found some potential dresses in case I decide to go into pageants..
What do you think?
or…. 3? Something short & sassy. LOL.
One interest thing I did find was this Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and case..

I did find this yellow sweater that was super cute on! It was light and could still be worn in the spring!
This little fashionista on a budget was spotted at the check out counter, she & her friend were buying glasses & dishware. She also had a little Chanel bag, but you just can’t see from this angle. She look was so winter chic, i loved it!
My sister Brandy did indulge in this quick impluse buy… LOL.

Now when we got to the second goodwill, she found this AWESOME scarf that was hand made. She’s holding it up, but it’s SUPER long.
My mom found this trench… AHHHH. I was dying over it!
Please excuse my attire, we had just come from working out, but this chair… in my room?? WHHHATTT! LOL.
Crazy, but we had this EXACT Madeline dollhouse when we were little. I wanted to buy it.. my mom wouldn’t let me.
At the end of the day, I had a great time with my mom and sisters shopping at Goodwill.
I also walked out with:
1. A brown pair men’s loafers
2. A grey boyfriend fit cardigan
3. A bright plaid top
4. 9 records
5. Pillows
I’ll explain the last two in another post! Stay tuned…

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