My review of William Rast for Target…

Justin Timberlake & his business partner Trace Ayala started William Rast in 2005. They now have their line exclusively at Target. Typically when celebrities make “clothing lines” they usually fail within two seasons, but William Rast seems to be moving along strong. When I first saw that it was the line for Target, I expected to be disappointed.

I was actually very impressed with the William Rast collection at Target. William Rast stands for “American Denin Heritage & Biker Culture”. As you can see below, they have a whole display dedicated to their denim. Which was very nice I’d have to say. Good quality w/ a nice stretch to it and at a decent price.
Speaking of price, William Rast’s price point was from $16.99- $199.99. I thought was reasonably priced for Target, being that it’s a high priced brand. The $199.99 is for their leather jackets, by the way! Everything else is in the $16- $50 range. They also ran from size 3- 15, so they do not discriminate in size.

To show the “tomboy & sophisticated look” William Rast strives for, I put a few outfits together to show:

1. Button shirt ($34.99) , Vest ($39.99) with William Rast Denim (from $39.99-$49.99.. depending on which jeans you choose!)
Cute look for a night out with the girls and each piece is good to mix and match!

2. Jacket ($44.99), Jean Shirt ($34.99) and Ponte Leggings ($39.99)

I really loved this look. You can dress it down with some riding boots or even chucks for the daytime. Then heels in the night. Very versatile!

3. Embellished top ($29.99) & embellished skirt ($34.99)
From this look above, you can see William Rast is very much for embellishments. Which I did notice in the detailing of many of their tops. As you can see in this outfit above that this is all of embellishments. Now let me just say, I REALLLY wanted that black skirt.. It was so cute and has great stretch. It was 68% rayon, 28% nylon, & 4% spandex = perfect! I will be back for it!
The only piece I can really say I wasn’t too fond of was this polyester top below… yuck! It just looked poorly made and cheap.. I mean I bet someone could dress it up and make it look cute, but I just wasn’t please with it.

Overall, William Rast for Target is a great line for this brand. Many clothing lines fail when they try to bring their lines into stores like Target, but William Rast accomplished it! They keep everything that shows you the basic elements of the line. I hope future success for Justin and Alaya!

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