William Rast for Men Review:
I did a review of Justin Timberlake’s line, William Rast, for women. Now it’s your turn guys..

For men, William Rast stand for that “all american biker” look also. The mens’ line consisted of: Jeans, T-shirts, Plaid Shirt, & Jackets. Basic items that can be mixed and matched around to create some really nice looks. Here are two outfits that I put together:

1. Shirt (34.99), Jeans ($49.99), & Hat ($16.99)

This look is good for a date night with a girlfriend. It’s still comfortable for the guy, but can still be dressed up and down.
2. Shirt ($34.99), Jacket ($49.99), & Jeans ($49.99)

This look is good for a night out with the guys to watch a game or chill. The items in this look can be mixed with another pieces, so you get the most of your money!
The mens line is good for the everyday guy, not too much going on but just enough that you look stylish! I recommend everyone check out the William Rast line at Target!

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