Style Fit 2011

(My mommy & I)
After my mom viewed “I Used To Be Fat”, she was really inspired for weight loss. Now the girl on the show had 111 Days for her weight loss… Well my mom has 101 days until her 40th birthday. So her goal is to lose an significant amount of weight in the 101 days. I have also agreed to come along on this journey with her.
So here are the rules:
  1. 2 workouts a day (One @ 5:30-6:30 pm & another from 4-5 pm) Due to my job, I won’t be able to make all the workouts. :/
  2. No sweets
  3. Nothing, but water to drink
  4. No bread
  5. Among other food regulations can’t remember exactly
  6. OVERALL, we have to work out & eat RIGHT
  7. We weigh in ever 3 weeks

This is really going help me with my discipline and a better lifestyle. I’m a sucker for SWEETS and I’m a snacker..

This will be very interesting. I will be recording us throughout the experience, so have fun watching this journey!

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