My weekend with Tarrance…
I hung out with my buddy Tarrance almost all weekend. On Saturday, we reunited and went to Atlantic Station for sushi & bowling. Fun, right?
So first we went to Geisha House for sushi which was yummmyyyy.
Here’s what Tarrance got:

and I got this:
The ambiance of the restaurant was very swank and almost felt like we not in Atlanta. I would suggest everyone check out Geisha House in Atlantic Station.

We decided to take a few shots before heading to bowling… BUUUUUT, When we got there it was full. So we opted to going and seeing “The Little Fockers”. Overall, It was a fun fun night.
Now Sunday night, we went to Cascade to go skating.
WOOOOO… It was a workout. I had a great time.
I got a shot of Tarrance, while I was skating…. Like a BOSS!

But he couldn’t get one of me. -____-
I had a wonderful weekend with my buddy Tarrance. 🙂

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