Buses, Sewing, & Patterns…
So Thursday was my first sewing class at Whipstitch. I had to take Atlanta’s public transportation (MARTA) to class and while I looked at the seat in front of I thought…

“How geometric is this pattern???, DOPE!”

I made it to my destination with time to spare..
Whipstitch Fabrics is cute & quirky. The best way I can describe the shop is it was opened by a 60’s housewife who dresses up everyday and sews with her friends while smoking cigarettes.
This was umbrella material.. who knew you can make your own umbrella?
These were ALL houndstooth… LOVED IT!
I have to get more pictures of the layout next time.
Our class was in the back of the shop at a large worktable. I have 5 classmates, all of which, are White soccer moms.. then there’s me! LOL.
Class started with us going over the details of patterns.
Then we looked at Vintage Patterns.

I loved this one, it was a designer pattern. I would so wear this skirt… like now!
Then we got to see the pattern for the piece were making…

Were making this blouse! I am doing option C, a cropped version of the top.
Just after the first class, I am very excited to make this blouse. My instructor, Elle, is great and I think she will keep me disciplined with my technical skills. My homework for next week is to come to class with my fabric cut out with my pattern pieces.
I will keep you guys updated on my progress.

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