Style Cap: Brittany
Brittany is an 21 year old college student, attending Georgia State studying Sociology.. or Journalism. She works in another department at my job and is always stylish in her own way. Today I had to get a pic of her look.

When asked about what inspired her look, Brittany explained the outfit really started with the shoes. Her feet always slide in her wedges, that’s why she wore socks with them. The look just flowed for her and this was her first time wearing this combination together.

Sweater- Zara
Tank- Nordstrom
Pants- Goodwill
Belt- Goodwill
Shoes- Bakers
Now you guys know I LOVE Goodwill. I told Brittany we have to go Goodwill shopping together one day!

Doesn’t she remind you of Solange?
Brittany is another example of fashionista that shops on a budget, but her pieces combined pull off an high priced look! Very cute.

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