Music, Friends, & Fashion…
So yesterday I went to (yet, another) Wale concert with Ronald. Along to way I found some fashionistas & heard some good and BAD music.

This is what I wore to the concert.

Top & Skirt: Nordstrom
Boots: Vera Wang
I am becoming OBSESSED with the box top! I will be wearing these all summer.
My best friend Ronald, he’s so weird!
So this is Hanna. We actually went to high school together and she was a member of my fashion club. She now attends Georgia State!
Blazer- Goodwill (Men’s section)
Top- Hot Topic
So I asked her what her inspiration for her look was and she reminisced on the episode of The Cosby Show when Denise was wearing the oversized men’s clothing. She wanted to make a modern twist of that by pairing the mens blazer and her plaid button up with leggings (which are basically pants now to everyone). With her top she wanted to get something that she could wear closed and more fitting or open & give it a more relaxed look.
Her boots were from Bakers, then she added studs for her own DYI projects. Which really seems into, because her earrings…
were made with her mom’s old belt, which, she attached to old earrings.
AWESOME!!! I love it.
So, in 8th (maybe 9th grade) this wonderful ratchett song called “Laffy Taffy” came out by a group called D4L. Well one of the members named Fabo decided to make a… comeback? I really don’t know why he was there. I was really hilarious… until we realized something was SERIOUSLY wrong with him. It was like watching a crackhead perform, YIKES!

Then, Wale come out..
It was a nice fun set from him. A little short, but hey I won’t complain.
I’m not quite sure what dance move Ronald was doing here…
Another style cap, these two gentlemen were very “dopely” dressed last night. I had to take a shot. Thanks guys.
This is Ashley, she was standing next to us during the concert. She was HILARIOUS. I had to grab a pic with her.

Overall, it was fun night out w/ friends and music.

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