Oh You Fancy, Huh?!? : Payne Stewart
Payne Stewart was truly the life of the party. He was an American golfer that was known for his great passion and unique style..

Payne’s golfing attire was very similar to the original dress code golfers abided by when golf began. At that point, many golfers were rocking polos w/ golf pants… BORING! Payne always had on very colorful outfits with his “golf knickers”, instead of the typical golf pant.

As you can see, his outfits were out of this world. I will definitely be picking up golf knickers and argyle socks very soon.
On top of his style, he was a very enthusiastic athlete. With a sport like golf, most golfers show little emotion. While he was jumping around the golf courses! LOL.

RIP to Payne Stewart!

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