Interviews, Freestyles, & New friends….

As I told you guys before, I would be interviewing artists Pharoh & Submit this weekend for my first in person interview. On Saturday we all met up and had the interview… it went great! I can’t give away too much info, but the interview will be released later this week.
Here I am with Submit & Pharoh.

I had to get a “Look of the day” shot for the both of them:
Submit said his style was very mature and classic w/ an immature ignorance (<–can't remember if that was the exact wording, but close enough.)
Pharoh’s more of a “pick up what’s in front of me” kind of guy. A decent outfit & a nice pair of sneakers are good enough for him.
They both go into more detail about their personal style in the interview.
These are the other members of Pharoh’s team: Heval his producer & the videographer, Abijeet.
After the interview we decided to go get dinner & went to Grady High School to eat..

YUUMMMM!! Shout out to the Mediterranean Grill for the great Gyros & potatoes.

The rest of the night consisted of Pharoh, Submit, & I sitting around trying to find plans…. but we never did!
Overall, It was a great productive day w/ some fun in it and I got to meet some great new friends.
Can’t wait until the interview is up… I will post it the second it goes up!

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