The Story Behind the Title

Hey Readers… It’s Story Time!

There once was a girl named Lynne-Brooke. She was a beautiful, 18 year old, fashion loving girl. By chance, when Lynne-Brooke was a senior in high school she got lazy & didn’t take a test named the *TAS for college. Well since she didn’t take it Lynne-Brooke didn’t get into the school she wanted. She had to settle with staying in her parents home & finding a job. Lynne-Brooke graduated from school on May 21, 2009 and didn’t find a job until December 10, 2009. So she spent much time depressed and trapped. You are probably asking, “Why didn’t Lynne-Brooke go out with friends?”….Well I’ve got the answer for you. For one, Lynne-Brooke hadn’t exactly learned to drive yet and Lynne-Brooke pretty much isolated herself from “friends” in school. Which left her friends-less when her graduating class left for college. So after graduation she was trapped in her mind full of fashion. Now she can let all of her thoughts out here!


The End! 🙂

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