Just another day at work for me…
Every true fashionista has had to take a fashion risk. Some succeed and some fail… miserably.

Well this past Saturday I had the opportunity to lead “Story Time” at my job and I was FORCED to wear that wonderful hat you see above. I feel I pulled it off pretty well, but you tell me what you think!
Here was our “Story Time” set up after the kiddies left. Cute, right? I know kids don’t have real attention spans, but I really had to bring out the tricks to keep these kids in tune with me.
While at work, I spotted this young “fashionista in the making” rocking these rodent inspired flats. I know this will definitely be on the runway next fall. I thought they were cute as a button! LOL.
Also, I found to have one of my coworkers from a different department named Zarielle be my Style Cap for the day.

Dress: Forever 21
Hoisery: Nordstrom
Shoes: Steve Madden -from Dillards
When asked about the inspiration, she explained the look came about after a waldrobe malfunction. The skirt she had on before wasn’t working with the hoisery and the shirt was dirty. It started as a waldrobe mistake & turned into a success. Thanks Zarielle!

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