Bowling,Movies, & Batteries…
This past Thursday I hung out my friend Tarrance again. We started the day off wanting to go bowling, but for the SECOND time we got turned away from the bowling alley. This time it was because someone rented out the ENTIRE bowling alley from 5:30-9:30…. I know. It’s sounds crazy.
Then we were on the go for new plans….

Tarrance was feeling himself that day…
Had to get one with the both of us. We ended up going to Fork & Screen in Buckhead to see I Am Number Four. Which was actually VERY good. I would recommend every go see it. After the movie, We went to Atlantic Station to get ice cream.
Also Tarrance got a new car.
Her name is “Bernadean”.

Here is Tarrance’s “Look of the day”:

Shirt- Walmart
Cardigan- Gap
Pants- Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
Hat: Forever 21
His inspiration for the day was that we wake up and was feeling awesome. He wanted to dress up (for me), but didn’t want to over dress for the occassion.
Here’s my look:
Shirt- Nordstrom
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- Nike
If you notice, Tarrance & I were somewhat matching with our gray cardigans and vests.
We made a quick trip to Publix and sat down to eat our ice cream. It was a really nice night out.
Then, Tarrance dropped me off at home. I was in the house about 5 minutes when I got a text from him saying his car battery had died. So me and my dad hopped in the hummer and took the portable “jump” to him. After putting the cables on his battery for a minutes, the car started back up and we headed back home. We were just turning into our street when he called and said the car had died again….
We headed back down the street to see what we could do now. They spent a lot of time talking car language to each other while I looked on confused. After about 10 minutes, my dad let him take the portable jump with him and we headed back home. Let’s just say after all that, it was a long night for Tarrance, because he didn’t make it back home until about 3 am.
All just to hang with the trapped fashionista…

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