Another day I end up shopping…
Today my dad needed to make a quick to Best Buy, so once we got there. Me and my mom slipped away to our favorite spot, ShoeLand. Now we intended on giving everyone a look at new spring styles…. but nothing was that cute. Then, we wanted to a “What not to wear” posts… but EVERYTHING was bad. So I gave up on Shoe Land…

I did get these sandals, because I need a new black sandal for this Spring. My old ones are all bent up. LOL.

Then we met my dad & brother in Best Buy… I took Fat Fat to play the video games.
He loved it!
Next Stop was Target,
I found the cutest LOOOOOONG thin dress for the spring. It was only $19.99 and there were 4 other patterns.

We also saw this top in the women’s “plus” sizes… super duper cute though!

Wait!!!! Did you know that Target has a “Tiffany’s” section?????
I was shocked when I saw it.
We passed through the girls department…

Saw these cute pieces from the “Alex Russo” Collection from Disney. Floral print pants & an open cardigan….Whaaaaaat?

This was just a cute tee for all the tomboys out there.

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