Fashionista on a budget: In REAL life!
I normally do my “Fashionista on a budget” posts on sale items on various sites, but now I can show you guys I really am a fashionista on a budget. LOL.
So my sister Bryce had an interview taking place and needed a new outfit to fit the expectations. They were told to come in their “Sunday’s Best!” The day before me and my mom spent about an hour running around the mall trying to find the perfect outfit. We ended up finding many possibilities in Forever 21. After debating between a black “Chanel-esque” blazer and a Navy & red nautical inspired look. We chose the nautical look!
Well when we got to the check out line I got ready to pull out my debit card and realized… I left it at home. We weren’t close to home, but we made it work and got her the outfit.
Here is the look:

Sweater and Skirt from Forever 21, Shoes from Payless, & jewelry was our own.
The sweater was $34.50 and the skirt was $11.90
The shoes were $11.00
Jewelry was from Madonna’s Material Girl line and I can’t remember the price.

The skirt ended up not working on bryce, because it was shear and not professional. So we opted to black slacks, which are always a classic piece. As you can see she looked very professional, yet still young and somewhat trendy in an appropriate way.
This just shows you can still get a nice classy look from somewhere like, Forever 21 for under $70. Let’s all practice being a Fashionista on a budget!

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