It’s a small world after all…
We recently received the new limited edition It’s a Small World line from Disney at my job to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the ride. Disney teamed up with UNICEF to give back. For every item purchased children are given Vitamin A for a year. We are receiving four different seasons for the line: Japanese Spring, Indian Summer, Scottish Fall, & Russian Holiday. I’m very excited for all the collections. The price range is from $16.00 – $169.00. (The $169.00 is the diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom.) Clothing wise, the price point is very reasonable.
We had some downtime a few days ago so me & my coworker, Amanda, composed this display bag to show customers about the line.

This is the very cute strap of the bag… remind you of the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland?
Here is the finished bag!
We used the “Feed Our Small World” bag, 2 little girl outfits, 2 little boy outfits, & a bib.

Remember how I was saying every item purchased gives Vitamin A to children?
A few of the items, like the bib, show you the amount of children you are helping.
I will post more in the future from the line.
Everyone should contribute to the cause and purchase something from the It’s A Small World clothing line from Disney!!
#FunFact: Did you know the It’s A Small World ride is nine minutes long & was launched for the 1964 World’s Fair to raise funds & awareness for UNICEF?

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