Lions, Tigers, & Fashionistas! Oh My!
Yesterday I went to the zoo with my mom, my friend shari, & her son David.

Here are David & Fat Fat!

This zebra was probably sleeping, but looked dead… I was a little worried.
Fat Fat looks sooooo big next to David. They are only 1 year & a few months apart.. lol
It was so interesting to observe the gorillas & see how they are so similar to humans.
These two found a new home.

You know I managed to find some fashion at the zoo…
This display showed a boot made out of an endangered species vs. a boot made from man-made material. I think it’s man made all the way!

Seriously, was the zoo trying to sway our shopping decisions????
I think this is the spring collection…

We went to the petting zoo next and the boys loved it.

The last part of our zoo visit was the kiddie train..

Oh, I also got tattoos at the zoo… LOL.

(Those are really stamps from the panda exhibit.)
My brother loved the train!! I think my mom was having a little more fun than him on the ride.
I liked the ride too, until I realized we paid $7.50 for a 3 minute ride….
Fat Fat had to ride the carousel also.
Then we headed out! It was a very fun day with Shari & David with a little fashion involved.
Before heading home, we made a stop to Target. I got a spring/summer essential: The Floppy Hat.
It was only $12.00. You know i’m a fashionista on a budget!

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