The Magnificent,Betty Golden.
So a few days ago, a customer at my job told me about “Shellac Nails”. It’s a nail polish that dries instantly and lasts for two weeks… which is why I knew I had to try it. Today me & my mom found a nail salon that had the polish and went to try it out.
Once we got there, I was towards the front while my mom was in the back getting a pedicure. I kept looking up to see my mom and this older woman engaging in heavy conversation. (Also, the salon wasn’t very big so I could also hear it.) I heard them talking about knitting, the woman being in the newspaper, among other things. When my mom was done with her pedicure, she introduced me to Betty Golden. An 85 year old woman who was recently in the newspaper, because she knits scarfs and hats for children in the hospital.

(Here I am with Betty.. we’re rocking her scarfs.)
Well I could tell my mom and Betty had a deep connection and my mom bought one of the scarfs that Betty had brought in. While my mom was still working on her manicure, I left to go look at a few boutiques. When I came back, I found my mom and Betty in full conversation in the corner of the salon. We stayed there with Betty for about another 10 minutes of girl talk.

Betty really touched the both of us, because she has such a sweet heart. You just want to hug her when you see her. Well we have promised Betty to help with anything she needs in the future.
Please check out some of her scarfs & hats:

Their soft and great. I will post the article written about Betty, so you an get more information on her!
Thanks Betty!!

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