A trip to my second home… Goodwill!!
Since we were in the area of a Goodwill, Me & my mom made an impromptu trip to GW.
Here are some of the pieces I took home:

I’m wearing this weekend to work to bring in those bucks! It always pays off to be the cute sales girl.
My mom actually got this lime green blazer, nice for the spring.
We found this houndstooth jacket out of NOWHERE, but the fit of it was so good. Def a win!
My brother fat fat got these. Sperry boots?? Can I have these please?!? Super dope.
Saw these in the kids shoe department. I don’t know who donated all these nice kid shoes.
These will belong to my future child, if I have any. Saddle Oxford Tennis Shoes… My heart died!

I also bought:
  • A hot pink linen blazer
  • A laundry bag
  • A “Pea in the Pod” grey & black open cardigan… You can’t tell it was for pregnant women. LOL.
  • 4 Men’s button ups.. YAY!
I think I had a very successful trip. Now it’s time to go through my closet and give some stuff away! I don’t just buy, I give back too! 🙂

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