My new Favorite Book: My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti
This book has been in my department (kidswear) at work for about a year now. On Friday night I was straightening the sale table & realized someone has misplaced the book and put a stack on the sale table… Then it dawned on me that the book had finally went sale. I immediately picked up a copy, grabbed my debit card, & purchased it!

The book starts off with this CoCo Chanel quote. Which is a great introduction into the masterpiece you are getting ready to experience.

MWWF is a mix between a activity/history/coloring book about fashion & beauty. Every page is dedicated to creating a design on various items from…
to eye lashes….
to bowties…
….and leggings

This has to be one of my favorites, besides the nameplates page. The quote is SOOOO TRUE!! Nina Chakrabarti does a great job of keeping readers interested in EVERY page of the with the activites & includes mini fashion history lessons.
I would recommend every fashionista order a copy!!

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