Summer Fun!!
This summer my sisters Brandy, Bryce, & I decided to attend Screen on the Green in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. This week the movie that they were showing was Imitation of Life… GREAT MOVIE!!

Were a pretty fashionable bunch if I say so…
I wore a new romper I bought this week from Target along with this floppy hat to keep the sun off.
Brandy wore a super cute jersey material headband from Target with a Chanel t-shirt, and white high waisted shorts with matching Chanel tennis shoes.
Bryce stayed very colorful with a colorful beret from Target with a scribble tank from Victoria’s Secret, and dark denim high waisted shorts.
We had a nice little set up going on. I was relaxing while Bryce was reading and Brandy was knitting.

We even brought a cute little fashionable cooler for drinks.
Bryce & Brandy took a sec to do a little frisbee playing. FUN!!
Then it was sun down & time for the movie to start… SHHHHHH!!

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