BEHIND THE SCENES: Great Brittyn’s 4 photoshoot
Take a look at what it took to get the perfect shot for Brittyn’s 4 cover shot:
1. Find the look

We had to squeeze brittyn into a size 5T ballerina outfit from Target for the look.
We also had to get the flowers to add to the tutu
Next step is sewing the flowers on…

2. The hair
Brittyn had to be a real superstar & get a wig to get the right hairdo!
3. Practing the perfect shot

It took lots of practice & patience to capture the right shot.
Since she’s only 8, Brittyn has to sit on bow with two big pillows layered on top.
Meanwhile… I had to be the best big sister & lay on the bathroom floor to hold it up so she didn’t slip.

All the get the PERFECT Shot!
Credits need to be made to my mother for putting this whole project together!!

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