Carry a good cause…
I previously posted the “It’s A Small World” FEED bag that we carry at my job. I love how cute it is & it’s for a good cause. Well on Sunday, a customer had the “FEED Kenya” bag & I loooooved it. So I had to look it up and found some great bags for the FEED cause… Check them out!

FEED Kenya Bag ($225.00) –Not for a fashionista on the budget, remember you are feeding children.
I don’t think the picture on the website does the bag justice, so here is the bag up close. The beading is so cute!
I’ve already shown the “It’s A Small World” bag… dont forget you can get it at Nordstrom at any time. 🙂 LOL. ($50.00)

There was also this super cute backpack that transitions into a messenger bag. Great idea! ($125.00)Even Judith Leiber has an exclusive “FEED 1000” clutch. That can only be purchased at one of her boutique’s or online. ($495.00)
For more bags please check out:

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