My visit to Sherane’s Vintage Closet

“Not just vintage fashion, but a royal experience.”

 Today I visited Sherane’s Vintage Closet in located in Midtown Atlanta. I found out about Sherane’s Vintage Closet after following their twitter page. I was very intrigued about the vintage boutique and knew I had to check it out. My mother, my sister Brandy, & I made the trip down and were not disappointed.

 The boutique was filled with various types of vintage pieces for women. They had blazers, dresses, shirts, shirts, shoes, & many accessories.

As soon as you walked up the stairs to the “closet”, you step into a fashion time machine. Many of the pieces took you back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s.

 This dress was definitely taking you to the 80s! My mom was trying to get me to buy it, but it’s just not my style.


This vest was so Rachel Zoe. I may have to go back and snag this find. I had a good conversation with Niara (the intern) about a look for this vest. It would perfect for a 70s inspired look… *now looking for flared jeans*
I loved how neat and organized Sherane keeps the “closet”. The store lay out is very simple and there is a nice amount of space to look at the pieces. 

 This denim jacket was so HOT!
Also, what I love about the pieces is that since their all vintage they all have a story.

 This vintage letterman definitely had a story and I have a secret LOVE for letterman jackets.

 This was special for me, because my dad’s number when he was in the NFL was 99!

 If you follow the blog, you know in the wintertime I LOVE blazers. It was so hard to resist purchasing this green blazer.


Behind the counter, they had a wall dedicated to fashion runway looks. Every fashionista loves a good fashion collage.

The fashionable decorations throughout the boutique kept me enchanted. 

As much as I loved the product, Its great to support a person who is genuine. Meeting Sherane & her intern Niara made me happy to support a black women with a business. They were wonderful women and anyone who meets them would feel the same way. 
I just wanted to give everyone a little preview into Sherane’s Vintage Closet, so that you can all go take a look for yourself! 

You can contact SVC at

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