My adventure for Missoni for Target…

On September 13, 2011, the fashion world was taken by storm with the release of Missoni for Target. I previously posted the lookbook for the collection. The full collection ranged from infant & women clothing to home & bath supplies. Last week a pop up shop was opened in New York for fashion week, the store was sold out within an hour.

Yesterday, I got up & did my normal routine and headed to work. I was glancing over my twitter timeline and realized I was missing the Missoni for Target release. So I jumped on to see what I could order and was booted off. -___-

I spent my time at work with Missoni on my mind, but by the time I got home it had slipped my mind. My mom suggested we go to the target near our home & see if any thing is left. We ran in to find all the Missoni for Target displays empty… My hope dwindled little by little.

As we were walking down one of the main aisles, I spotted a bag with a Missoni for Target tag. We grabbed the bag and began to look around in unexpexted places for an misplaced items.


After failing to find anything else….besides gift tags. We began to do our regular shopping. We decided to through the shoe section and saw nothing but size 2 & 3 of the Missoni rain boots. I walked over to the other side of the shoe display, low & behold….. There was ONE size 10. :)))))


The fashion Gods were definitely on our side last night. There were many women searching for Missoni items & we got the last of it. I also found a notebook. ($8.99)

I am still on a search the bathroom Missoni supplies.


Obviously, Missoni for Target was a succes & I can’t wait for the next Target release.

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