Palm Springs Trip

Labor day weekend, I took a trip out to Palm Springs, California with my mom. My uncle & aunt were having their annual Deliverance in the Desert Conference and we decided to surprise out family by randomly showing up. We got them good!!

While in Palm Springs, we stayed at this very young hipster hotel called the Ace Hotel. It was very unique to say the least. The hotel is a renovated Holiday Inn that they recreated to its own setting.
Each room is made up like a camping tent, with canvas on the wall, low bed with camping decorations all over. It really makes you feel like your on a trip. Outside of our room, were this big teepee like tents. The pool was set up with a DJ all day, until 2 AM and misters at the pool. (Since it can get up to 115 degrees in Palm Springs.)

What I loved about Palm Springs was that they are stuck in the 60’s…

This KFC was retro I was speechless when I realized it was a KFC.

All of these hotels hadn’t changed since they were first made…

Even the Jack in the box was retro!

It’s always great being in Palm Springs, especially when I can see my family! 🙂

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