Kanye West debuts his "DW" line in Paris

Rapper, Kanye West, showcased his womenswear line titled, DW (after his mother), this past Saturday. His line is very reminiscent of Celine and Givenchy. Meaning, very clean, cut designs.

All the shoes for the models were designed by Giuseppe… HOT! If anyone at the Giuseppe offices reads this….Please send Katholic Kouture a few sizes:-)

Some critics loved Kanye’s collection, while others liked it. Kanye stated in an interview that he knew he was tackling a big challenge, especially being a celebrity presenting a clothing line.

One of the big dislikes of the show was that the clothes were too big on Kanye, but all the clothes were made in three days apparently. I think the clothes looked great for three days of work. Also, the fact that many designs were not ready to wear fpr the everyday woman, but I’m pretty sure the clothes were not made for the everyday woman.

In my opinion, Kanye’s line does not look like the typical celebrity line for Macy’s or Kohl’s…. So we should appreciate a celebrity with real fashion sense.

Sidenote- I heard he played Waka Flocka during the show! LOL

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