College of Wooster’s Fall Fashion Palooza

Katholic Kouture was invited to be in the College of Wooster’s Fall Fashion Palooza. The event included a fashion show, poetry, and showcases of dancing.

A plus to the event was that it was on my 20th birthday! 🙂

The venue went from an average College dining hall to a elegant runway ready for the models to work it on!

I arrived on Friday and got a chance to meet some of the models and watch a portion of the practice.

Then Saturday was SHOWTIME! We all arrived a few hours before the show to prep for the models.

Then, the models started to arrive!!! We were getting closer to showtime and I started to get nervous… I wanted everything to got perfect!

I did have to get one last picture of the female models before the show! Everyone looked great.

The show went great and after the show I was able to meet the other designer of Ucommon Courage, Zach Vesco! He’s was very nice and it was a pleasure meeting him.

I even had a mini highschool reunion… Marcel (on the left) was who invited me to participate in the show and we ran into Deja (on the right). We all graduated highschool together!

I had a nice surprise during the show. At the end, each designer had to do a walk and they surprised me and sang happy birthday to me!

I just want to thank everyone at Wooster for inviting Katholic Kouture to such a great show! I will definitely come back to visit and participate in another show.

I will post all the official pictures when they get released!

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