Belated Birthday Dinner….

After my weekend in Ohio, my parents took me out for a belated birthday dinner.

I wore a new blazer that I purchased at Sherane’s Vintage Closet. The blazer was definitely $20 or less… Love the blazer.
I kept in simple and paired the blazer with a black v neck shirt, jeans, and black closed toe wedges.
The whole look was all less than $150 all together.

We decided to go to downtown decatur to go a new restaurant named 241. After seeing that the menu wasn’t really for us (being that there were 3 children with us), we went next door to Leon’s!

While walking we ran into this ADORABLE little boutique.

We didn’t have time to really go inside, plus I probably would have bought something if I did go inside.

The front window display was very nice and their visual did a great job of showing what their focus was.

Once we got to Leon’s, everyone was all smiles!

My parents surprised me with Missoni for Target bowls & mugs… I was very happy. The best gift a girl could ask for… besides being with my family! šŸ™‚

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