Style Cap: Men’s Edition

This is my friend, David, who works in the “At Home” department at my job. 
David always has a nice, clean, somewhat preppy style. So I decided to get a style cap from him. 

 David’s inspiration for the day was that he purchased his shirt and he already had all the other pieces and wasn’t sure what to wear it with. One day, he was throwing the shirt and the pants in the washer and realized that they matched. LOL. An unexpected outfit!

He paired that with his fabulous bowtie and added the navy blue cardigan.

 Cardigan- American Eagle
Button Up- Kohls
Bowtie- Stain Mart
Pants- Route 21
Shoes- Marshalls

David is similar to me in the fact that he is a big Goodwill shopper and the is a fashionisto on a budget. He is someone who looks for great deals on clothing items and make them look like more than they are.

Thanks David!

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