Let’s talk about hair, baby!

Now that I have showed you my skin regime, it’s time to show you about my hair. The three products below are essentials to help strength, mosturize, & detangle you hair. Issues I know many women can relate to, especially, women of color. All of the products can be used by any woman.

A) Biotin- Biotin is a hair & nail vitamin. Biotin is actually product of yeast and bacteria.
Your body naturally produces Biotin & some people actually experience biotin defiency. Biotin helps with the strength and growth of hair. It triggers your hair cells to produce more & stronger hair. Biotin also works on the thickness of your fingernails.
I take atleast 1-2 a day… Great product!

B) Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Rair- My mom actually bought this a few weeks ago and even after 2 uses of Nexxus’ Pro Mend split end repair I see a change. I have really bad split ends right now and since using i’ve seen a strong difference in my ends. It was highly recommended on the Doctors & Dr Oz & I see why. If you have damaged ends, I would give this a try!

C) L’Anza Healing Moisturizer- Another product my mother suggested I use. This product is wonderful with mosturizing & “healing” any damage to the hair. It contains keratin, which is, great with strengthening hair. Now before you use it, It’s best to pour some into a spray bottle. It will spill out of the bottle very easily onto your floor if not! LOL

If you have additional questions, please feel free to comment or email me. I hope one of the products work for you! 🙂

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