Hermès for the everyday holiday shopping…..

Hermès is a luxury brand that is known to have a high price point. Since were in the holiday season, here are gift ideas that are 550 dollars or less. That’s the fashionista on a budget price point for Hermès! LOL

1) Poker Cards- $85
2) Umbrella- $240
3) Bracelet- $520
4) Cup

Hermès even have kids items…
5) Baby booties- $240
6) Kids Coloring book- $135

7) Travel Case- $165
8) Mini Travel Case- $255
9) “Avalon” Pillow- $455
10) Finish Decorative Pilow- $510
11) Key Ring- $210
12) Printed Beach Towel- $530

You can always get a loved one nice gift from Hermes instead of 10 equaling the same amount. I’ll take anything from the list above! I hope this brought some high fashion to everyone.

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