I committed a fashion faux pas….

Yes, i know this is hard to believe. I, Brooke Butler, wore… (somewhat of) a knockoff! *gasssssspppppp!*

I saw this very cute scull scarf in the juniors department at my job. At my first thought was this looks very similar to the Alexander McQueen scarfs, but didn’t think about it again. About two days later, I decided to go for a “punk” look and added the scarf in my look. I even brought out my old hot topic bracelets. (I went through a stage in middle school.)

Top- Men’s Forever21
Pants- Target
Shoes- There actually my sister, Bryce’s… I believe their from Nordstrom Rack
Accessories- Nordstrom & Hot Topic

Here is the original A. McQueen scarf….

Comment & tell me if my Fashion Faux Pas was THAT bad!

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